When it comes to any event, there are many decisions being made behind the scenes. Having a great, responsible, and fantastic team is essential to any successful event. From photographers, to caterers, to invitation design, and floral design, it really does require a great deal of effort (and skill) to pull off any successful wedding or event. Being in the wedding and event industry gives a coordinator a birds eye view of the service standards and quality that each professional brings to the table. It really is teamwork in executing any event and each vendor is crucial to a happy client. A coordinator has access to many qualified vendors and can help ease these decisions and provide guidance towards the best in the industry and the best for your budget. So that being said, what is a qualified vendor?

A qualified vendor is a vendor of any category (floral, videographer, tux rental, or balloon artist) that has demonstrated an exceptional work ethic and has produced quality work for their clients consistently.

As a wedding coordinator, we see the ins and the outs of the industry. We work extremely hard to develop and maintain professional relationships with those involved in any event. As we work more and more closely with some of our vendors, we get to see what their skills are, what their price-points are, any niche-factors, and what they truly bring to the table. Being a qualified vendor is more than just working side by side with each other.

So what do we do to “qualify” a vendor? – When we meet a vendor, we go through a thorough process of getting to know them, reaching out to their past clients for client-based referrals, and seeing them in action. Once these items are completed, we place them into our “qualified” list. These are the professionals that we feel match our quality of standards and the high standards that we maintain.

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