This past week was a scorcher in Southern California! At one point, I woke up to a 90 degree house.. at 5 AM! Being that the typical “wedding season” falls in Summer, it is so important to remember to keep you and your guests cool and comfortable. We decided to share 5 tips to keep your event (and guests) cool.

1. Choose appropriate timing –

Of course, timing will really be reliant on the needs and desires of the event host. When possible, aim for later evening affairs during warmer times as to allow for the temperature to cool before guests arrive. This may not be applicable for a luncheon in the middle of the day, but it may be best to have shorter spurts for lunch during the mid-day events.

2. Hire appropriate vendors (ice cream stations, iced coffee bars, etc).

Entertaining your guests and creating a sensational event can be easy when it is done right. For instance, opt for an iced coffee bar as opposed to a warm coffee station, or put together a create your own ice cream sundae for the kids events. This will give you the perfect opportunity to wow your guests and keep them cool at the same time.

3. Rent umbrellas and fans

Being directly in the heat can be so uncomfortable, yet alone draining! Having adequate shade or coverage is a key component to making sure you and your guests can stay happy and energetic for all of the fun!

4. Go for cool spots such as indoor or air conditioning when possible

Okay, I know, I know.. Sometimes you have your vision set on an outdoor affair with an ocean view and dancing under the stars at night. That can still be accomplished! If you are able, try having a smaller event like cocktail hour or some breakouts in the air conditioning to keep your guests cooled off and refreshed.

5. Choose appropriate attire

As always, it is so important to be “dressing for the occasion”.. Your guests might be a little less comfortable in a black tie affair during August, however, so maybe try opting for a¬†formal or cocktail dress code. This will still give you the elegance you desire while keeping your guests fancy and functional.

We hope you find these tips helpful! For more tips or assistance in planning your summer soirees, contact us today!