We are relaunching! SoCal Soiree has officially submitted our legal documents for incorporation. Having started our professional journey years ago, this has always been a big step and goal for us. We knew that eventually, if we were serious about our business, we would need to legally incorporate and make everything official. We have been extremely busy around here keeping up with our new wedding business checklist, but it has been worth every step to make sure that we have everything set up properly.

So what does “relaunching” mean, anyway?

Since our business began years ago, we started getting our feet wet with the little details needed to gain experience. We interned, gained corporate experience, and started taking on small gigs on our own as an independent consultant.¬†After giving birth in 2014, SoCal Soiree founder, Crystal George, knew that she wanted to do something that gave her a little more flexibility to be at home with her kids and to enjoy doing what she loved through wedding and event coordinating. After working endless hours on getting all of the logistics, we worked to ensure that our “re-branding” was complete and that our business had a whole new look, feel, vibe, and direction.

What does that mean for me?

From now until September 1st, 2016, SoCal Soiree will be providing a 10% discount off of any package booked to anyone who mentions this ad. That gives you the comfort of being able to obtain a great service from a knowledgeable event coordinator at a greatly reduced price.

We are working so hard to get everything up and running and are so excited to officially be back in business! We would love to assist in any wedding, event, or function that may be occurring. Whether it be the simplest of tasks such as vendor selection, event set up, or event tear down… or the larger of tasks such as full event execution, we are happy to assist in any way needed! Contact us for more information as dates will fill up fast!